WSJ: Omaha Gets Smarter?

Is Omaha getting smarter? Well, not necessarily. At times, the level of intelligence actually seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of letters appearing after one’s name. European finance ministers are a case in point. Other times, the only reason some people were able to put on a cap and gown is that they managed to stay sober for 7% of their college career. Pity the chaps who were inebriated 94% of the time and just missed the gentleman’s D. If only Basketweaving 101 really was still on offer. Budget cutbacks are so cruel.

In spite of these collegiate misadventures, earning an advanced degree is still considered a nice way to develop an affinity for a football team or to have a reason to get a tattoo with Greek letters. It can also help obtain gainful employment. The fact is that people with sheepskins tend to earn more than their less-educated peers.

So the great news is that Omaha ranked sixth among US metropolitan areas With the biggest growth in the percentage of adults with college degrees over the past ten years. This bodes well for the health of the Omaha economy as these well-educated folk feed the grist mill of capitalism.