Battle Bears Hits 20 million downloads.

Congratulations to our friends at SkyVu for hitting the 20 million download mark for Battle Bears. Alchemy Development built the SkyVu studios in Aksarben Village, but we really have no clue how they turn cute little bears to armed commandos. We’ll stick with bricks and mortar, thank you very much, and leave the virtual world to the geniuses at SkyVu.



Pinhook Flats Phase 2 Now Open

Alchemy Development is excited to announce that we have completed our new building at Alsarben Village. We have more studios, ones and twos at Pinhook Flats.

Overland Constructors of Millard built it and Barb Terry made sure it had the special sauce. Humphreys Architects from Orlando drew it up.

Here’s a photo we took on a sunny February day.


Lumber up 35%. Could that cool off the housing revival?

Lumber prices have dropped slightly since a January high of $400 per 1,000 board feet. But the price has surged over 35% since February 2012. I imagine mills shut down during the recession haven’t been able to ramp up production fast enough. The Canadian forests have been hit by the same pine beetle that has devastated much of the Colorado Rockies. I would suspect the stronger Canadian Dollar has also impacted import prices.

Source: NAHB

It made pricing our project at Shadow Lake much more difficult than anticipated.

Could high lumber prices slow the housing construction revival? What do you think?



Shadow Lake Square – May the Concrete Flow

I love watching concrete being poured and shaped into a nice smooth floor. Our first building is taking shape and it will be a matter of days before we go vertical in Papillion.